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About Me

Girls never liked me and I never liked them. Does this sound at all familiar? This was my mantra as a kid and has followed me well into adulthood. It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to relate – it was just that my suggestions included getting dirty, looking under rocks and embarking on potentially knee-skinning adventures… activities that were largely unpopular with my same-sex classmates.

I hated feeling that way but what I didn’t realize until recently was, I’m not the only one! Women are coming into their own as unstoppable forces of life and adventure. They are realizing that hunting and fishing and boxing and racing are not exclusively male activities. We are riding motorcycles! We are building houses! We are awesome!

This blog is my opportunity to salute those who stand apart from the stereotypes, who enjoy their independence and who believe that they could make anything and everything happen by relying on themselves. Do I know how to do everything? Not by a long shot, but I intend to keep learning!